Use Restrictions

Mass spectral database

Mass spectral databases are indispensable research tools in metabolomics. Currently, over ten thousands spectral data are seachable in MassBank through the internet. MassBank has signed an agreement with the providers of the spectral data concerning the use of the data, and these rules must be followed by all users.
If these rules are not followed, there will be penalties that will affect the research environment within the institute, such as denial of access to the entire institute or demands for compensation to cover damages caused.

Improper Use

The following actions are prohibited.

  • High-volume downloading and printing out on a systematic basis
  • Downloading, copying, saving, or printing out of materials for purposes other than academic research or education
  • Downloading or copying large amounts of data such as the entire record in a dataset
  • Activities such as data manipulation, reproduction, distribution or reselling of materials

What does "high-volume downloading" mean?

With regard to scope, there is no set number of allowable downloads, but it is imperative that the downloading actions be within the scope permitted under Japanese copyright law.
Systematic downloading using programs or downloading-assistance software is not allowed under any circumstances.

Improper use ---- can result in access denial or demands for compensation

MassBank monitors usage through access logs, and can thereby detect overly heavy or improper usage. It is also able to automatically detect systematic downloading supported by programs or downloading-assistance software.
In the event that improper usage is logged, MassBank will send a notice stating that there was overly heavy usage, with information such as time and date of the incident, the logged IP address, and the record IDs (in most cases, access by that IP address will then be blocked), and an inquiry into the incident will be requested.
MassBank will be required to conduct an investigation and report the circumstances surrounding the improper usage, whether it occurred accidentally or willfully, and suggest ways to prevent further occurrences. A notice will posted on the homepage. In the case that the action has been deemed willfully malicious, or if improper usage continues, there is the danger that access to MassBank will be denied to the entire institute.

MassBank Development Team